Ptunnel 2

www_derechos_net_img_searchPtunnel 2 is a proxy that can get webpages through HTTP censoring proxies near firewalls. The proxy chunks up TCP and wraps it in HTTP, and sends it across 2 nearly unidirectional HTTP channels (GET and POST) connected out to a remote websever. Users supply their own remote webserver.

The proxy runs in both Windows, and in Linuxes. Data is transferred over port 80. The proxy compresses the data (chunk by chunk currently, whatever the TCP stack supplied).

Also the Ptunnel 2 proxy is a competent TCP debugging proxy. It runs in Linux/Unix and Windows. When proxying TCP from one port to another, it prints each byte, and it associates data with TCP threads that it gives numbers to. The proxy can proxy any number of ports into other ports.

The software is made available in the hope that it is useful. It is alpha quality code about which bug reports can be made.