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Supplement to Issue 1 of Flame Magazine: The Death Of Princess Diana in 1997: supplement_one_contents.htm

The death of Princess Diana: What caused the crash at the Point d’Alma ?. Seán Mac Mathúna, John Heathcote:
… it’s possible that one of the vehicles (a white Fiat Uno) rams the Mercedes just before the crash “causing it to spin out of control” (The Guardian, November 13th, 1997). As the Mercedes gets nearer the tunnel, a motorbike prevents one car (driven by Brenda Wells) from taking the approach road that leads to the tunnel. It’s possible that a remote-controlled device was used – causing an explosion (reported by CNN) which was heard by witnesses – that disabled the driving controls and electronics of the Mercedes. A strobe light was also used to disable the driver on the final seconds before it entered the tunnel – which some witnesses claim was completely dark as the lights had been tuned off minutes earlier.
After hearing an explosion and then a bang, witnesses ran to the scene – only to be told to “back off” by an unknown person to runs towards them out of the tunnel from the direction of the crashed car. A second person, whose identity is also unknown, was seen in the Mercedes removing the drivers head off the car horn. Witnesses also report that a helicopter was seen above just before the crash – was it monitoring events on the ground ? As the electricity has been cut in the tunnel [according to the Lobster (winter 1999), link], the traffic cameras don’t work, thus ensuring there is no video evidence of the Mercedes final approach to the tunnel, or what vehicles can be seen leaving it. One witness, Gary Hunter saw two vehicles race out of the tunnel, others saw a motorbike.
A car was used to block the route of the Mercedes thus forcing it onto the road that leads to the tunnel at the Point d’Alma as witnessed by Thierry H;
At least one of the paparazzi on a fast motorbike chasing the Mercedes was working for MI6 (Tomlinson)

At least two cars may have been involved in causing the crash (one may have carried personnel that used a strobe light to blind the driver (Brenda Wells) another may have used some kind of electronic interference device that seized up the cars electronics (potentially up to four people);
Witnesses saw a helicopter above just before the crash – was it monitoring events on the ground and relaying them back to a control centre (the British Embassy where Tomlinson claims that up to six MI6 officers were stationed over that weekend) ?;
Who was the motorcyclist who forced Brenda Wells off the road ?
Who were the two people seen near the Mercedes seconds after the crash, and before the paparazzi and stunned onlookers reached the scene ?.

The death of Diana’s bodyguard Barry Mannakee in 1987: [Princess Diana’a] bodyguard Barry Mannakee (who is rumoured to have become her lover in 1985) died in unexplained motorbike crash in 1987. Afterwards, according to the former Conservative MP Charles Wardle, Diana feared for her life. In a speech in the House of Commons (Hansard, 22nd June 1999), Wardle stated:
“Diana’s remarks to Al Fayed concerned the royal household’s antipathy to her; its habitually close links with the security services; the manipulation, interference, and control, as she saw it, exercised by official’s of the household; her conviction, based on what she said she had been told, that Barry Mannakee’s death was not an accident; and her apprehension that she, too, would be assassinated”