Criticism against the Alternative Vote

A possible criticism against the Alternative Vote could be along the lines of saying that it transfers too much support from deeper preferences onto some minor candidate who is not actually that minor at all, but who has enough 1st preference support to be in a close contest with the biggest 2-3 candidates. Referring to the diagram, that is an extrapolation of how AV is getting the winners wrong around the centre of the triangle. Having AV/IRV be the cure to ‘vote splitting’ problems, would mean that the concern is about the bottom of the triangle. Fixing the vote splitting of FPTP is a trojan horse for introducing new unwanted defects resulting in the wrong winners being selected by the so called IRV method of Time Magazine and others.

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No principle seems to be more incompatible with the AV/IRV than the principle of equal suffrage. [There seems to be no point in using that term when part of it would suffice. The part that fails the AV method is said to be generalized monotonicity (support gains don’t harm even when it is a group of candidates that are harmed).] Equal suffrage provides a just basis for rich, right of centre, voters or candidates, to complain in a court when the winner is wrong. Equal suffrage is a very slack rule. The author found that under one view, it allowed one normal vector of a region where a candidate won, to slip around between -45 degrees and +45 degrees. So slack is the human right in its requirements on governments that it is easily possible that the “Unfairness to the 4th” method near the top of the webpage is passed by a test of equal suffrage. The Alternative Vote is some unusually uncommon find — a stupid voting method that chooses a time and place to be meaninglessly and abjectly (perhaps cruelly) unfair notwithstanding the wide laxity of the mathematical principles describing fairness. Notwithstanding the lobbyists advancing IRV can’t master them apparently, the principles are not that difficult. E.g. the public does not want fairness to left-wing candidates on sunny days only. Instead the theorist or the council nudges the idea over to the ideal of providng fairness on all days, but pro-IRV/AV refomers are out of contact despite even today producing propaganda for whomever.